How to Buy

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Getting life insurance coverage with us couldn’t be easier. We’ve provided you with an online application form that takes only a few minutes to fill out, to get you covered under an insurance plan you can trust.

All you need to apply is:

  • Provide your basic information like date of birth and gender.
  • Select your level of coverage.
  • Provide us with your mailing address.
  • Choose the beneficiary for your policy.
  • Select the payment option that’s most convenient for you.

Finally, we ask that you closely review all the information you have provided us to ensure everything is accurate and completed in full. All the information you submit to us will be included in your insurance contract and is required to be fully complete to issue you the product.

We will use the information you already provided to check for any errors or omissions that might prevent the application from being a success.
We will call you to review your online application and to arrange a simple online screen share appointment with our certified advisors before completing the actual insurance policy application.
We are required to have that online screen appointment in lieu of an actual physical face to face meeting in order to comply with requirements that our advisors actually meet their clients.
We are taking advantage of the internet to meet those requirements and to cut down on unnecessary travel as we try to serve everyone across the country from our centralized location.

Please note that we are fully committed to protecting the information you provide us, and we keep any and all details fully confidential. Please review our privacy policy to learn about our commitment to protecting your personal information.

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