There are only two factors to determine if you’re eligible for No Medical Life Insurance from Canada Protection Plan:

  • You’re a Canadian resident.
  • You’re between the ages of 18 to 80.

If both of these apply to you than you are eligible for No Medical Life Insurance. You cannot be denied coverage for this insurance product based on your medical conditions. There is no medical exam, no doctor’s visit, and no health questions required to apply for No Medical Life Insurance. Apply Now!

You can be covered under No Medical Life Insurance even if:

  • You’ve been denied for other kinds of life insurance.
  • You’re worried your health might prevent you from getting coverage.
  • You’re unable to or unwilling to undergo a medical exam for any reason.
  • You smoke cigarettes or marijuana.
  • Other factors in your life make you hard-to-insure.

With No Medical Life Insurance, getting the right coverage for your budget is easier than ever. It all begins with you; so we invite you to complete a free, no-obligation quote to get started on the path to securing your family’s financial future. Apply Now!

The good news is that there are some insurance companies that offer life insurance to people with pre-existing health issues who thought they had no eligibility for life insurance. For instance, health conditions such as those listed below are most likely insurable through Canada Protection Plan, Canada’s leading name in No Medical and Simplified Life Insurance:

Crohn’s/Colitis | Diabetes (Insulin) | Epilepsy | Heart Attack/Stroke | Lupus/Parkinson’s | Multiple Sclerosis | Sleep Apnea | Benign Tumors* | Blood Disorders | Depression/anxiety | History of Cancer** | Schizophrenia/Bi-polar Disorder

If you are living with any of the conditions above, your main focus will be on maintaining or bettering your health. But at the same time, you will want to ensure that your family will be well taken care of financially. That’s where life insurance is vital. Know that there are insurance companies that could give you coverage. So do your homework and look into your options – don’t wait to be declined. And if you have been declined, you may still have an option to get coverage with one of the companies like Canada Protection Plan that No Medical Life Insurance.biz represents as certified insurance agent. You can apply for this insurance coverage right on this website. Apply Now!

Please note: This coverage is for individuals only. One policy per person.

* Excluding benign brain tumors
** No reoccurrence and in remission for 3 years